exec: How a Lawyer and TV Producer Created a $1 Rideshare Advertising Company

In an industry obsessed with billion-dollar valuations, two men dropped the price of entry ... way down

​LegalRideshare co-founder Bryant Greening has teamed up with former ABC TV producer Jared Hoffa to unveil exec: a rideshare advertising platform that only costs $1 per play in rideshare cars throughout Chicago.  

In a quiet office just blocks from Wrigley Field, Hoffa spent the last several months developing the technology needed to turn a simple idea into a lucrative reality. "Looking at the history of successful startups is always a combination of the right technology with the right timing and the right team. In our case, we hit all three," Hoffa explained.

With Greening's success in LegalRideshare, a law firm entirely dedicated to Uber and Lyft accidents and injuries, the partnership made perfect sense. 

exec's premise is simple: Anyone wanting to promote their business, restaurant, band, art or even social media following can go to the site, add their content and pay for how many TICKS (views) they want. For every $1 spent, the promotion is guaranteed to be seen by 10 people. Spend $10 and it's 100. Spend $100 and reach 1,000 people. 

Hoffa explains: "Our exec device sits facing the passenger in the back seat. It does not play any videos unless it determines a person is sitting there. If the passenger leaves the car before the ad is done playing, it's not considered watched."

exec officially launched Sept. 1 and the company is already looking to expand to San Francisco and Austin as its next stops.

In the meantime, advertisers can promote in Chicago for a 20% discount using NEWSWIRE as their promo code.  

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