Injured from Uber or Lyft? There's a law firm for that.

Rideshare is either a benefit or a hazard and when it falls into the "hazard" category, that's when LegalRideshare steps in. LegalRideshare, co-founded by Attorney Bryant Greening, is the only law firm entirely dedicated to accident, injury and assaults from Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare service.

“We get calls every day from passengers and drivers who have been attacked, assaulted, harassed. We as a community need to make sure we are doing all we can to stay safe,” Bryant Greening said in a recent interview with CBS Chicago.  

Driver, passenger, or victim, Greening has focused LegalRideshare to be readily available for any issues around rideshare. The firm has also branded itself as a resource for drivers, offering a drivers lounge with free coffee and games, plus a weekly incentive to talk to drivers at the TNP lots.

“The rideshare companies do a really poor job of explaining the insurance implications to drivers," Greening added. And so, he's spent the last few years educating drivers where Uber and Lyft have failed to do so.

With the explosion of e-scooters, LegalRideshare has expanded into this new mobility market and fought for victims of scooter-related accidents. Just recently, LegalRideshare took on a major case involving a hit-and-run, leaving the victim badly injured as the scooter rider fled. 

“We’re here today because a coward left Allyson battered and bloody in the middle of the street, and by remaining silent, the responsible scooter company allows that coward to hide in the shadows,” Greening told CNET in a recent interview. 

"If rideshare isn't safe, it isn't viable," Greening noted. He continues to focus on making sure LegalRideshare stays at the forefront of helping drivers, passengers, and victims of rideshare-related issues.

Source: LegalRideshare