LegalRideshare Invites Law Firms to Join Its National Brand, Offering Direct Access to the Gig-Worker Revolution

LegalRideshare Invites Law Firms to Join Its National Brand, Offering Direct Access to the Gig-Worker Revolution

LegalRideshare has dedicated itself to becoming the nationally recognized voice in rideshare and gig-worker injury claims. Now, they want other law firms to reap the benefits.

LegalRideshare, LLC, the first law firm in the US exclusively focused on rideshare and gig-worker accident and injury claims, is offering its expertise and credibility to personal injury law firms around the country.  

LegalRideshare has become a pioneer in the space by launching a driver lounge, a heavily organic social media presence and most recently, LegalRideshareTV, a live streaming TV studio dedicated to engaging with  gig workers. Additionally, the firm has unprecedented access to national  media. Most recently, LegalRideshare uncovered the “Tip Baiting” scandal and broke the story to CNN.  The firm is regularly featured as experts on rideshare law, safety and policy in publications like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC News, and more.

As ridesharing services have gained popularity , their prevalence has also led to an uptick in road accidents and injuries for both rideshare drivers and passengers. According to research from the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at The University of Chicago​, “App-based driving services account for about a three percent annual increase in traffic-related fatalities, including pedestrians, since their introduction in 2011, or roughly 987 people each year.”

As a result, there are more  injured persons seeking legal representation than ever before. Joining the LegalRideshare Brand allows  partner personal injury law firms to immediately benefit from LegalRideshare's nationally recognized name and resources in the gig worker community. In addition, partner law firms have direct access to LegalRideshare’s social media platforms, live streaming studio and video content to use at any time. 

“Everyone wins with this partnership,” says Bryant Greening, an attorney with LegalRideshare. “The success of one LegalRideshare branded firm benefits all the others, especially with media exposure and credibility. By leveraging LegalRideshare's experience and national exposure, our partners have the unique opportunity to jump into an ever-growing industry, without having to fight their way to the top."

The team at LegalRideshare is always available for free phone consultations for both drivers and riders. For more information about the firm’s services and joining the LegalRideshare Brand, visit

About LegalRideshare

Chicago-based LegalRideshare, LLC ( is the first law firm in the United States to focus exclusively on Uber, Lyft and rideshare accident and injury claims. Its legal team dedicates 100 percent of its resources to protecting injured drivers, passengers, and victims. For news and updates, follow LegalRideshare on Facebook and Twitter.​


Source: LegalRideshare, LLC