This Week in LegalRideshare: Safety, Assaults and Scooters

Lyft expands its safety program, assaults continue to pile up and scooter injuries hit a new rough spot. LegalRideshare, the only law firm entirely dedicate to Uber and Lyft accident and injury claims, breaks it down.

Monday 9/16

SmartCities reported that Lyft has officially expanded its safety program to include a partnership with the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. The story added: “Under that new partnership, all Lyft drivers will be required to complete additional mandatory community safety education designed to “‘protect against bad actors.'” 

Tuesday 9/17

Sitting too long in an Uber? You soon might get a message asking if you’re OK. Mashable reported“So when there’s a long stop that keeps you in the same location or it appears like you’ve been in a car crash, the Uber app will check on you — and the driver.” Lyft launched a similar feature last week called Smart Trip Check-in.

Wednesday 9/18

CNN reported more bad news for Lyft, after the company was hit with five more alleged sexual assault and rape cases in one day. CNN dug deeper into the story adding: “While there is no publicly available data on the number of sexual assaults allegedly committed by Uber and Lyft drivers, a 2018 CNN investigation found that at least 103 Uber drivers and 18 Lyft drivers in the United States have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers since 2014.” 

Thursday 9/19

Yesterday, LegalRideshare posted a story about Bid2Ride, a “name your price” business model for getting rides. The story was reported on Mashable where they explained: “Bid2Ride hopes to entice drivers to pick up a nearby rider at a lower rate. With more knowledge about what they’re getting into, drivers can make ride-hailing trips more efficient and productive, in theory.”

Friday 9/20

We end the week with more bad news for the e-scooter world. A woman from Indianapolis is suing Lime after an accident caused her brain damage. The Indy Channel reported: “Speer alleges the scooters have defects including the sticking of the accelerator, unstable center of gravity, small wheels, and the dangerous operation of the brakes, which may have caused the scooter to throw Speer forward and onto the pavement when she attempted to stop the rapidly accelerating scooter, read the lawsuit.”

Source: LegalRideshare