Uber: First Comes the Rides, Then Comes the Accidents (What to Do When It Happens)

As careful as rideshare drivers can be, accidents are bound to happen and when they do, LegalRideshare is here to help. Whether rideshare driver, passenger or victim, these tips apply.  

First, it goes without saying that the health and safety of everyone are of chief importance. As such, LegalRideshare's focus is to make sure that the driver/passenger/victim who got injured is compensated for damages (medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering).  

Because insurance claims are always uphill battles, drivers must be proactive in protecting their interests, meaning establishing their injury and the cause of it from the get-go. So, without further ado, the drivers’ checklist for an injury claim:

  1. Describe the pains to the responding police officers.
  2. Allow ambulance personnel to do examinations.
  3. If warranted, take the ambulance to the emergency room for examination and treatment.
  4. Seek medical treatment within one-to-two days of the accident
  5. Give a full history of the accident to every medical provider at every appointment. State the date of the incident, exactly how it happened and the mechanism of the injury. 
  6. At every appointment, describe how the injuries limit daily activities.
  7. ​At every appointment, specifically, describe how the pains feel (throbbing, aching, shooting, radiating, etc.).
  8. Do not allow for significant gaps in treatment.
  9. Be compliant. Always follow doctor’s orders; don’t skip appointments; take pain medications; do prescribed exercises; see suggested specialists.
  10. Keep copies of bills and receipts for out-of-pocket medical expenses, like co-pays, prescriptions, and medical equipment.

Lastly, if injured, drivers should seek legal advice immediately. This is where LegalRideshare can help. As the only law firm entirely dedicated to Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare accidents and injuries, they can make sure you receive expert care.

Source: LegalRideshare


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